Goldshield®’s unique antimicrobial technology provides unrivalled cleaning and disinfection armoury in the fight against infection and potential outbreaks.

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GOLDSHIELD is a patented antimicrobial technology with long-lasting residual effect on a broad range of viruses and bacteria

How does Goldshield technology work?

Mechanical Killing Action

  •  The microbe lands on the treated surface

  • The microbe is then pulled onto the molecule by strong  electrostatic forces

  •  The microbe is then pierced and killed

  •  The analogy is “a bed of molecular nails”


Goldshield technology can clean, sanitise and provide long-lasting protection without toxic chemicals. As Goldshield’s microbe killing action is mechanical and not chemical, microbes cannot adapt and protect themselves.

Green Technology

Environmentally Friendly
Because we accomplish all of this without the use of poisons or metals and do not create microbial resistant strains, we are the 'Green' solution to inhibit microbial growth.

Benefits for you:
. Eliminate biological odours
. Reduced cross-contamination
. Reduced cleaning costs
. Cleaner atmosphere in your premises

Benefits of Product:.

. Odourless and colourless

. Highly durable

. Non-toxic

. Up to 14 days microbial prevention

. Water based


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